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Notice from John Ziemba – I have been contacted by VOSA and they have given instructions for the following notice to appear on the website. Will Pilots please respond to the questions to me on 01254 760 620 or if you would rather email it – to Brian at

VOSA regulations

To be road legal a service brake is required at each road wheel and an independent parking brake is also required otherwise you will be in contravention of the Construction and Use Regulations 1986 (as amended) The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency are aware that some JZR Trikes do not meet the above requirements and suggested that I contacted the JZR Owners. I can supply all necessary parts to upgrade the non-compliant machines. I would appreciate all JZR Owners to respond to this notice with the following information:

Registration Number:
Chassis Number:
Rear brake donor machine:
Are the brakes compliant with the above information? Yes/No
Is your JZR registered with DVLA?
Do you require a kit to upgrade your JZR to make it compliant? Yes/No

My conversion costs £65 + £5 postage and I need a plate in exchange. If you need any more information please contact me on 01254 760 620 - John

Techincal Tips Booklet - New edition - 100 pages - Edited by Nick Rose from members experiences and hints. £5 to include postage Inland UK. Contact Nick Rose, Tel: 01924 830398

JZR Regalia

The Association has arranged for the "three-ringed" badge to be sewn in a choice of colours. The example I have seen is in gold and looks good. The overall size of the logo is just over 3"( The use of imperial measurement is in acknowledgement of the advanced age of most pilots).

If you wish to purchase articles, please contact the suppliers direct. The price includes postage and packing to UK addresses. Their details are - Clover Sew, 37 Claudette Avenue, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1HU -Tel/Fax 01775 719811 Email:

Allow 28 days for delivery.

Price List

Caps - 100% Brushed cotton drill, low profile with adjustable antique brass buckle. Colours are, Forest, White, Red, Black, Navy and Royal. Also Black/Red peak, Forest/Taupe peak, Navy/Red peak and Navy/Taupe peak. One size £7.50

Sweatshirts - Range of 16 colours, again both adult and child sizes. Price - Adult £19.50. Child £14.50

T-Shirts - Similar range of colours, again both adult and child sizes. Price - Adult £12.00 Child £9.00

Polo Shirts - Twelve colours - adult and child sizes - £Adult £17.00 Child £12.00

The Clover range also included Padded Bodywarmers, knitted hats, Patted Jackets and Fleeces. Further details direct from Keith or Jackie Brandom at Clover Sew.

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