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I have the pleasure to announce the birth of our Amicale (that it is easier to write as AFBP3R). AMICALE is for friendly association; FRANCO-BRITANNIQUE as the owners are French and the 3-wheelers British; you know where PILOTES come from; 3-ROUES is for 3-wheelers.

When I bought my first JZR, more than 4 years ago, we were very few and remained so. Then, last year, a north of England dealer discovered he could sell easily buy JZRs in Britain and sell them with profit in France. Remember, many of you were asked if they had one for sale! Most of these new French owners did not know how to register, felt alone and managed to found their way to me

I created the Amicale at the beginning of this year and we are 4 duly declared members of the desk :

I am the chairman, historian and registrar.- my wife Françoise agreed to be both the secretary as long as I do the job and the treasurer as long as membership is free !

- François GROSSET is the perfect webmaster we needed. In fact, I created the website in March but was unable to illustrate it. Then he came and now it is worth looking at and I hope you can from England : tricyclecar

It is the only world site with a well documented and well illustrated section on the different makes of the 3-wheelers represented in the Amicale.

David STEVENSON, well-known here, is our technical advisor on registration, mechanics,parts, ..

As long as you own a 3-wheeler and we know you, you are enlisted ! It makes for an easy recruiting and, in less than 6 months, we are slightly over 40 members. The 3-wheelers are, roughly, 1/2 JZRs, 1/4 Trikings (who appear to be long-time owners) and the last 1/4 for the remaining makes, with the 2cv powered 3-wheelers under-represented.

A one-make club would not have enough members to survive. We are currently trying to find a place where to meet once a year. I'll let you know.

Besides the website, I send a more or less monthly mail letter to members to inform them of the latest news and a twice a year updated list of members.

We also have a mail address 3-roues@orange.fr Please, note that I always answer to questions, even if it can take a few days.

Last, our logo sticker, almost 10 cm high, will be available by the end of October at the price of £5.00 a pair .If you want one, just mail me. A bientôt sur nos routes,Jean VIGNAU


I recently bought a 1997 JZR Guzzi barrelback and am puzzled by the way it was built. The Guzzi G5 engine, giving 71cv, is fitted with dual ignition and breathes out through the very well made 2 in 1 exhaust you can see in the photo. My Guzzi agency never saw such an exhaust and a carburation expert tells me it was made to improve torque at low revs. At the rear, all of the bike is used, wheel tyre and mudguard.

Most peculiar for us who know how small the front fuel tank is, it is divided in 2 in its length so as to avoid fuel moving from one side to another when you turn at speed or abruptly !

The JZR is well and strongly built with a very precise gear-change but quite high off the ground so I don't think it was built for speed racing but, perhaps, with hill-climbing or some sort of trial in mind. Weight was not the enemy as it would have been lighter on a beetleback basis.

JZ sold the kit to Allan & Robert CAWTE of Thornton Heath, Surrey on the 25.03.1996 and they registered the JZR on the 01.02.1997.

Do members remember these brothers or the use of a JZR (this one or any other) in some form of competition in the 1990s, as Bucklands or Trikings did ? Thanks a lot for your help. Jean

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